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My dad, Raymond F. Ross, died almost two weeks ago.  His Memorial Service was yesterday, Saturday (15 February) at Lutheran Church of the Cross in Arcadia, CA.  It was a beautiful day, sunny, temperature in the mid-70s.  Dad—who was always cold—would have liked sitting in the sunshine.  It was a small gathering. Family, friends, church members all shared some memories and said their goodbyes.

Mom died a bit over a year ago.  It seemed especially apt that Dad passed this year in time for Dad and Mom to be together again to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  A restaurant near them always offered a free dinner and a photo to couples married more than 50 years.  Mom and Dad were married over 70 years and enjoyed surprising people over the length of their time together.  They never quite looked—or acted—their age!

MD Valentine's Day

Mom & Dad Valentine's Day 2000

Now that they are both gone, I like thinking of them once again being together for birthdays and holidays, adding more years to their lives together.  I do miss them!

My main tribute to Dad at the Service was this PowerPoint Slide Show that showcases his life and family.  It is comparable to one I prepared about Mom at her passing.  Sharing the photos, the memories, somehow makes this time of sorrow a bit easier.

I do feel lucky that I saw Dad a few days before he died.  It was a typical visit, and we parted saying, “I love you” and sharing a hug and a kiss.  Thank goodness!  Please tell your loved ones how much you love them and show them by giving them your time and attention.  You never know when they could be gone.

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  1. My next door neighbor lost her dad the other day. He was diagnosed with cancer around the same time as I was last year and given a 95% chance of survival. Eight months later he was gone. It was such a shock to all of us. You are so right about showing your love to your family. They can be gone so quickly. Stay strong, Patti.

    • Thanks for your comments and caring. It has been harder these few days when all is finally over–but I am okay. Condolences to your friend as well.

  2. Sherry D'Attile said:

    I love reading your thoughts so much, Patti! You have a heart as big as the universe and a soul that extends through infinity. Having been where you now are, I know the heartbreak you are going through and the deep sense of loss and emptiness you feel. Just know those feelings are a tribute to the very deep emotions and knowledge of true love God has granted you to feel–so many people suffer from a lack of being able to feel deeply and don’t even know how tragic that is. Also, remember to watch for the little signs and sounds your Mom and Dad will send down to you to let you know how very much they love you, too, and how close they are in thought. Those messages aren’t meant to make you sad, but to help you know and rejoice that God has granted all of us eternal life with Him and He promises that one day we will all be together again. With much love to you, Sherry

    • Thanks, Sherry. Yes, I will watch for the little signs that says Mom and Dad are saying hello! I know you have been through this–knowing that helps.

  3. My deepest condolences. A beautiful tribute

  4. Truly bittersweet, when we miss being with them, but know they are enjoying a wonderful reunion on the other side!

    • Thanks for stopping by. And stating things so well. It does seem silly to be wishing they were still around to visit when they are really better off.

  5. Outstanding tribute … and to me, and hopefully so, I see it as a sign that you are doing well. Be strong!

  6. My condolences. Thank you for sharing the beauty of his life and that of your mother.

  7. RIP… I lost my both parents 23 and 7 years ago… it seems that we become true adults after our parents have passed away… but they continue to live in our hearts… ❤ my very best and friendlly greetings from France, Mélanie

    • Thanks for stopping by. . . and for your kind words. I like your phrase of finally becoming true adults after both parents pass. A friend said, it changes things to be an orphan. It is a strange new reality–but the memories are comforting.

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