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Happy 4th of July!

This is the 4th of July Weekend, a time to celebrate American Independence.  It was 235 years ago that the revolutionaries took action together to seek their independence, to determine their own fate, to take on the challenge of being a new country beholding to no other authority.  Over the years, their courageous actions became our history. Today, our armed forces protect our rights and freedoms as we interact in world politics.  This weekend is a chance to celebrate our country and our accomplishments and to renew our commitment to the values of truth and justice that keep us strong as a country and as individuals. 

It is traditional to celebrate with fireworks!  There is something exciting about the huge community shows that fill the sky as well as hand held sparklers that fizz and crackle before they burn out.  This year as many communities face wild fires burning out of control, the sale of fireworks—even safe and sane ones—and the production of community shows are being halted in many locations under the better-safe-than-sorry policy.  Whatever is the plan in your community, celebrate but stay safe.  Be sure your celebration includes a respect for history, a prayer for the future and an appreciation of the military personnel who sacrifice so all Americans can remain free.

To help you celebrate, here’s a fireworks spectacular set against “The Star Spangled Banner” as recorded last year—enjoy! 

Finally, if you want a reminder of the good that America does in the world as part of its glorious traditions, visit A Frank Angle.  His blog shares a presentation of a Canadian editorial from years ago that praises America for its response to tragedy worldwide.  It’s worth a look.


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