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Winter Trip Stop 1: LAKE TAHOE

Last week, a friend and I started out on a driving trip.  Our plan was to follow scenic routes everyday and stop occasionally looking for birds.  Since a major storm was supposed to arrive in the state about two days after we hit the road, we knew that we might be held up by rain or snow at some point.  But as one of my aunts used to say, “We would play it by ear.”

We were so lucky!  The storm hit as expected, but all around us rather than on us.  Our first scenic drive was to leave Sacramento, taking U. S. Route 50 up to South Lake Tahoe and then along the lake for a bit, heading back to Sacramento via I-80.  We knew we would see snow in the area from earlier storms—and we did.  The drive was gorgeous!  The day after we visited, a major snowstorm hit the area, creating white-out conditions and closing roads.

It was a sunny day with a bright blue sky punctuated by fluffy white clouds.

Our drive-up U. S. Route 50 to Lake Tahoe was spectacular.

As we neared the lake, some smoke was evident in the skies from controlled burns.

Lake Tahoe is always impressive.

Lake Tahoe sits at 6,225 feet, straddling the border between California and Nevada.  It is the largest alpine lake in North America, coming in sixth behind the Great Lakes for the largest lake by volume (122,160,280 acre-feet).  Its depth is 1,645 feet, second only to Oregon’s Crater Lake (1,949 feet).  Besides all that detail, it is simply breath-taking.

This bear seemed to be the official greeter at South Lake Tahoe, waving us on as we headed back to the hotel.

Heading home to the hotel, the sky was still blue.

By the end of the day, the clouds were starting to darken a bit.

It was a terrific day!


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