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HAPPY STAR WARS DAY!  (May 4th pun intended, sorry!)

“May the Force Be With You!”

I cannot say that I grew up watching the original Star Wars Trilogy.  After all, I was 22 when Star Wars IV: The New Hope first hit the theatres in 1977.  At that age, I like to think I was fairly grown up already.  However, I can say that maybe I at least matured a bit while watching the Star Wars movies.  My favorite was The Empire Strikes Back, but the original three were all fun.  They offered terrific characters, underdogs fighting against incredible odds, a moral lesson or two, and eventually the good guys winning over the bad.  Plus great special effects out in a galaxy far, far away.  What’s not to like?

I saw the films from the “earlier” trilogy (that were produced later chronologically) when they were shown on television.  I did not rush to theatres to see them.  Oh, I was interested in seeing a young Skywalker and Obi Wan, but not urgently.  My Star Wars favorites feature the three main heroes:  Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, and Han Solo.  That is the main reason I was interested in hearing that a Star Wars VII is being planned and that those three original stars have all signed to play their roles once again.  Yeah.

Until the new movie is released, we can celebrate the spirit of Star Wars, especially today!  Today is Star Wars Day, so “May the Fourth Be With You!”  This pun has been around for some time, but the day was first celebrated in Canada a couple years ago.  So today, feel one with the force!

Of course, one of my favorite lessons from the original trilogy offers more cautionary advice:  “Let the Wookie Win!”

Tonight, I think I will watch one of the original Star Wars movies to celebrate.  It has been a long week.  I could use a bit of the force helping me out!  How about you?  Any plans?  Are you even a Star Wars fan? Do you have a favorite character or a favorite line?

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