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Winter Trip Stop 7: ROOSEVELT ELK

As part of our Winter Trip, we were driving from Medford, Oregon, to Eureka, California, enjoying redwoods and ocean views along the way.

Closing in on our hotel, we figured our day was almost over.  Then, we saw a sign directing us to a spot to view some elk. Maybe. It was raining, light but steady. Still, we decided to take see what we could find.  Apparently, elk do not mind snacking in the rain.  Thank goodness.

Our seventh stop, therefore, became viewing Roosevelt Elk off the Davison Road exit from Highway 101, near Orick, California.

Named after President Theodore Roosevelt, the Roosevelt Elk is the largest of four sub-species living in North America. By 1925, there were fewer than 15 Roosevelt Elk alive in California; their number has increased to over 1,000 today.  These massive animals are 6 to 10 feet in length, and they stand 2.5 to 5.6 feet tall at the withers (base of neck, above the shoulders).

My friend took this video, showing how oblivious the elk were to us and the rain.


It was great to see these magnificent beasts so up close and personal.

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