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If you love language, writing and reading. . .

If you love language and if you love writing, reading, and teaching, you will love these videos by Taylor Mali, a teacher, poet, creative artist.  His insights on students and institutions and reading and writing are impressive.  Plus he’s funny, witty, provocative.  So, if you’re weary from grading papers or from proofreading your own or other people’s writing or maybe you are overwhelmed or frustrated by the stupidity that can invade our lives, take a break, watch these videos.  His words will bring you a chuckle or a nod of recognition, maybe a groan. 

The titles are pretty indicative of subject matter.  Enjoy!   


P.S.  A friend from graduate school shared these videos—and I have sent them on already via email to many friends.  But I so enjoyed them, I decided I would even figure out how to insert them into this blog.  Sorry for any duplication this may have caused some readers.  If you have any fun videos to share, please do so!  For those grading papers right this minute, take a break and watch at least one of these right now.

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