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Early Signs of Spring

The weather has been lovely lately, even with the little bit of rain the other night.  It is still far from the official start of spring, but some signs are starting to show themselves.  Most recently, the camellia bush near the front door of my apartment started blooming—at least a full month earlier than usual. It never produces very many blooms, being in the shade under a stairwell.  But the ones right now are brightening my day!  Spring is almost in the air!

Here are a couple other surprises that eventually turned into items worthy of thanks and appreciation.

Since before Thanksgiving I have been seeing my dentist:  root canal, capping procedures, filling some cavities, and finally a cleaning.  That cleaning was the other day and I was thrilled to be done, but wait, the technician saw something that needed further investigation.  After some more probing, another x-ray showed that another tooth—that was sensitive to the touch—needs to be extracted to avoid future problems.  I am not thrilled about more work, but the cost is actually pretty minimal, is catching the growing infection early, and thus I am grateful for more dental work.  How surprising is that?

My mom’s assisted living facility has been overcome by some infection.  The patients were sharing the bug, so some control procedures were started: patients eating in their rooms, CDC called to help review procedures, and eventually restricting visitors.  My mom had a few symptoms but not many, but then she was being sent to the hospital via ambulance.  OMG!  But once there, her dehydration was addressed and tests showed she was basically okay except for the infection that she is now getting antibiotics for, an infection that probably would have gone unnoticed for a little while if not in the hospital. Plus, since she has been needing more and more help with daily activities, she is now receiving—via the hospital’s rehab unit—some consistent physical and occupational therapy about 4 times a day.  Hopefully she will become stronger and get back a bit more of her independence.  This initial situation worried me—and even raised some ire at the lack of communication from the assisted living center—but now I am grateful that my mom is getting some more detailed intervention that may improve her day-to-day routines.

I hope you too are enjoying some early spring weather and some unexpected surprises! My most recent surprise was meeting a friend the other day for breakfast at 7 am.  Anyone who knows me knows I am not a morning person, but I was thrilled to be up and out so early, since we had been trying to figure out how to connect for months and months.  Surprising, but I can get up early for fun stuff!

What are you grateful for lately?

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