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“The trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let things go.”

Fall is in the air.  A break from the heat and hecticness of summer is always welcome. But with fall comes holidays and all they involve, including crowds, gatherings and too much shopping as well as loss and memory and ongoing transitions.

Finding a path through the upheaval and grief so many of us face every day is not impossible. It does help to have a community where you can share your feelings and memories. The Grief and Happiness Alliance provides that ongoing community, whether your grief or transition is new and raw or gentle but insistent.  I am writing today to invite you to attend a virtual event that will introduce you to the Grief and Happiness Alliance and the community support it offers.

This event will introduce the Alliance and share happiness practices. Inspiring breakout sessions will encourage the pursuit of happiness in a variety of ways that can meet the needs of any who are managing grief and other transitions. There is no charge for this event, although donations to support the work of the Alliance are appreciated.

When you register for the free event “Falling into Gratitude: An Equinox Gathering,” you will receive a link to the zoom event that will take place on September 25. The registration process is easy and just takes a few minutes. Basically, you put your name and email address in twice; once to join Event Brite and then again immediately to select this event. Information is kept secure and there is no charge. You will receive the link for the event via email. 

Register for “Falling into Gratitude: An Equinox Gathering” here. For more information about the Grief and Happiness Alliance, visit its website.

Hope to see you there!

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