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Early Fall in Yosemite

I love Yosemite National Park.

One of my favorite places to marvel at the wonders of Nature is Yosemite National Park. I always figure Spring is the best time to visit. But fall colors there can be glorious as well. Really any time of year will do. 

Given how crazy these last two years have been, I was anxious to visit Yosemite. I really needed a drive through Nature.  I thought about making the trip in mid-July, but the weather was just so hot and dry that my trip was postponed.  Wandering in 110-degree weather just did not seem like a good idea!

Fall finally arrived and my visit to Yosemite became a reality. I took off late in September, just after the autumnal equinox. The drive was wonderful, wandering through the granite vistas, open fields, and stands of trees just lifted my spirits. Glimpses of water—whether the river through the valley or the lakes along Tioga Road—just added to the feelings of peace and solitude. 

I always marvel at Tunnel View.

Even though the fields within Yosemite Valley were mostly brown, a few wildflowers popped up along the roads, demanding attention.

I do love trees!

The falls were not very full this time of year, but the Merced River was still lovely as it wandered along, offering a nice respite for some moments of solace and appreciation. 

The granite hills and stately trees of Tioga Road (Highway 120) always intrigue.  This is one of my favorite drives! From up close rocks at Olsmstead Point or the expansiveness of Touloumne Meadows, it is hard not to marvel at the grandeur of Nature or not to welcome its solace and solitude..

The vistas let you see for miles.

At the higher elevations, small spots of gold were starting to signal that fall would soon descend on Yosemite. 

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