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It is always a good time to visit Yosemite National Park.

My last trip was about a month ago, just before Memorial Day.  A storm was predicted, but the threat of rain and winds rarely stops me.  It ended up being a great trip.  Even though it was a little cloudy and foggy at times, the crowds were not as large as they could be and some wildflowers were still lingering along the road.  I even saw some Dogwood Blossoms!

My visit was not long. I only wandered Yosemite Valley a couple afternoons, entering and exiting the park on Highway 41 via Wawona as well as on Highway 140 from Merced.

Along Highway 140

A few California Poppies were evident.

I always like seeing Indian Paintbrush.


I had not seen much Lupine this year, so enjoyed finding these along the road.

Along Highway 41

More Lupine!

Tunnel View

In & Around Yosemite Valley


I do like Lupine!

I love this little spring erupting along side the road.

All of a sudden, one stretch of road was blanketed in fog. Lovely.

Along the Merced River

Relaxing Near a Pond

A Brewer’s Blackbird, I think.

Two Acorn Woodpeckers were busy on this stump, but it was quite far off.

Here’s a better view of an Acorn Woodpecker, seen a few weeks earlier in Bakersfield.

Some Wild Irises.  I love these!

These Two Mallards were pretty active.

An American Raven

Some Dogwood Trees Were Still in Bloom

It was a great trip! 

I am contemplating a drive over the Tioga Pass later this year.  But I am not sure when.  The Tioga Pass—which usually opens by late May—is finally open, a little bit now.  Vehicles can travel the road for an hour each morning and then again an hour each afternoon. No services are open and no camping or parking are allowed.  When Tioga Pass fully opens, there is some planned road maintenance that needs to happen.  Maybe September?

Where is a place in Nature you return to again and again?

Comments on: "YOSEMITE IN MAY" (5)

  1. Lisa Schwerdt said:

    You’re good at identifying wild flowers

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Unfortunately, I haven’t been to Yosemite – but your images reinforce the idea that I need to go! First of all, everyone marvels at vistas – but I love the way you captured the variety of wildflowers. Then I got to the collection of images involving the falls – oh my my – I forgot all about the beautiful flowers. Simply spectacular!!!!!

    • It is one of my favorite places! Thanks for stopping by and sharing my trip. I really liked the fog on this visit, how the falls seemed to come out of the fog! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Lovely photos. Wish the weather was still foggy like that. One day we should meet in Yosemite when you’re traveling through. One of the places I will visit again this year is the John Muir Trail. Will do just a small section with my son in September; picking up where I left off last year.

    • I love the idea of meeting up at some time! I do not hike, but would love to meet. Look forward to seeing another bit of the JM trail. I want to drive the Tioga Pass this year, wondering how the area will shone once all the snows melt and are plowed away. Not real sure when yet, need to watch updates.

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