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I usually take trips in Spring and Fall, sometimes in Summer.  This year, I chanced a trip in Winter—and it was great.  My main goal was to go to Klamath and Tulelake National Wildlife Refuges to see some bald eagles.  In my younger days, I thought little of driving 10 to 12 hours a day, just to get from Point A to Point B.  If I followed that practice, my trip would have been 3 days: One to drive 12 hours to Medford, OR; another to visit the wildlife refuges; and then a long drive home.  The trip would have covered about 1400 miles, staying mainly on I-5.

Now that I am old(er) and wiser more experienced, I have three basic rules I use to plan my trips:

  • Travel no more than about 300 miles a day, so there is plenty of time to stop and play.
  • Always look for scenic routes that will get you where you want to go.
  • Add some extra days to your trip, just to take time to play—especially getting out in Nature.

With these rules in mind, my trip changed to an 8-day drive, covering about 1800 miles.  Instead of having one great day out in Nature, I ended up having six—with eight stops along the way.  I saw eagles, geese, redwoods and even a little stretch of beach.  I’ve already shared posts on these major stops along the way, but there are a few final bits and pieces worth sharing.

This trip was especially fun because my good friend Raquel was able to travel with me.  We have been friends for about 30 years, and her sense of humor and love of adventure make her a great traveling companion.  We don’t even drive each other crazy—well, at least not too much.

We did travel a bit on I-5 in Northern California and saw some nice views of Mt. Shasta as well as another look at Priscilla, the Dragon Princess.

But we also traveled some small state and county roads.  As John Denver sings, “Country roads, take me home, to the place I belong.”

It rained a bit on this trip—and I loved it!  We never saw so much rain that it interrupted our plans.  And looking out through rain-drenched windows is always fun.

I am never sure if they are coming or going, but I love seeing geese in flight!

I have always loved trees, and this trip provided ample opportunity to experience the mighty redwoods.  As John Muir explains, “The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.”  But there were some other wonderful trees along the way too.

Nature is always massive and majestic.  But looking deeper always showcases some great details in Nature as well.

On my trips, I spend a fair amount of time staring into Nature.  Here are a few photos, where some faces seemed to be looking back.  Do you see them too?

Next week, Spring 2019 officially arrives.  For many, it seems that this long, harsh winter will never end.  But it will.  And when spring arrives by you, take time to enjoy it.  I am already planning some day trips to find wildflowers in the area.  Spring really is everywhere.  These flowers were blooming along the road even on my Winter Trip.

“If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant.”   Anne Bradstreet

“That is one good thing about this world—there are always sure to be more springs.”  L. M. Montgomery

Comments on: "Winter Trip: SOME FINAL BITS & PIECES" (10)

  1. What a beautiful trip, Patti! I love the “stark lushness” of the Pacific Northwest in winter — some of the trees may be bare, but it’s still so GREEN. I also love how you limit yourself to about 300 miles per day now, so you have time to stop and see things. In my book, 300 miles per day is still a respectable distance! Lovely, lovely post.

    • Thanks, Heide. The Northwest is always so lush and green! I do like to play along the way whenever I take a trip. I can hardly believe that I used to drive the 1500 miles from my house in Corpus Christi. TX, to my parents’ in Temple City, CA, in three long days.

      • That is an amazing distance to cover, Patti! You must have been exhausted after all those hours on the road.

      • Back then, they were long days, but it did not seem too bad. This was in the 80s, and I was driving a 1965 VW bug with no air conditioning. Crazy things we do.

      • Wow! Respect to you, Patti. I had some crazy adventures myself, but you had some SERIOUS stamina. As you say: crazy things. 🙂

      • It is some version of the theory of relativity making serious stupidity seem sensible!

  2. I have loved your trip review. Can’t wait to see the pictures of your next trip.

  3. You had a trip with continuous beauty … and cheers to your travel philosophy and your love for nature.

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