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This year, while on my Nature Trek to find some autumn colors, I decided I would drive Highway 120, east to west.  It is one of my favorite roads, taking me over the Tioga Pass and into Yosemite National Park.  I was not expecting much color given the elevations, but the views are gorgeous regardless.  But some pretty fall foliage did jump out on display.

There is a little service station set up at the juncture of Highway 395 and Highway 120.  This area had some pretty trees.

Some side roads before reaching Yosemite National Park entrance also showed some color.

Tioga Lake is always inviting, sitting just east of the entrance to Yosemite.

Entering Yosemite National Park, color is not real evident.

Tenaya Lake sits right by the road.

Olmsted Point always shows some spectacular views.

But fall colors did start showing themselves, the further west I drove.

It was a beautiful drive!  To see the same drive in the summer, visit this post.  Highway 120 is impressive in every season.

Comments on: "Fall Colors Along Highway 120 (Tioga Road, Yosemite)" (8)

  1. What gorgeous photos, Patti! You always make me want to hop in my car and keep driving until I see what you’ve shown in your posts. 🙂

    • Scenic drives are my favorite way to spend some time on vacation. You find some great places to visit. . . and share with us through your blog.

  2. It’s beautiful, especially on the east side. Did you stop at Oh Nellie Deli on 395? We always like to eat there, they have good food. Viewing your photos makes me excited for tomorrow. I’m finally heading up!

    • I did not stop at Oh Nellie Deli, but have heard great things about it! I tend to travel alone and rarely go in places. Have a great trip!

      • Patti, I would be uncomfortable eating alone in a restaurant. I’ve only done it once and that was because my friend never showed up. I felt funny about leaving, so I stayed and ate alone. However, you can get your food to go at Oh Nelli Deli.

      • If is a bit odd to eat alone, but I used to do it–just bring things to read. But now my knees are bad, so the hardest part of any drive is getting in and out of the car. So I avoid that when on scenic drives. I will have to try this place though!

  3. As always beautiful photos. So glad you got out into nature.

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