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Priscilla: Dragon Queen

Isn’t she great?  Her full name is Priscilla, Dragon Queen of the Sierras.

A friend and I spotted her as she prowled the pastures on the east side of I-5, just a bit north of Yreka, California.  If the day had not been so hazy, Mt. Shasta would have been visible in the background.  Our best guess is that she is a cousin to Elliott, Pete’s Dragon.  She is a wonder!

Photo by Linda Richter

Ralph Starritt is the Yreka Metal Sculptor who created her—as well as some other life-size creations. Just south of Yreka is Moo Donna, a life-size cow and her calf.  He has also created a life-size Bigfoot, placed on Highway 96 near Happy Camp, California.  This photo of Bigfoot was taken by Linda Richter; she posted it to the Siskiyou Shutterbugs Facebook page.  I know I plan to visit this guy when I am next in that area.

The following video gives you an introduction to the remarkable artist Ralph Starritt.  It highlights his training and work, showing some of his “smaller” works of nature’s creatures, including people and wolves and eagles and fish.  They are incredible.  The Starritt Studio is in Yreka, California.  This place has been added to my to-do list as well.

I love art and surprises and nature. I just love Priscilla!  Don’t you?  

This post is my contribution to Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge.

Comments on: "Priscilla: Dragon Queen" (14)

  1. Interesting video. I can’t imagine driving along and then that appears out of no where! Good find, Patti!

  2. barbara said:

    what a fun discovery.

  3. Priscilla is marvelous. Excellent find for odd balls.

  4. i love this blog

  5. Loved it. Nice that you added the video, too.

  6. What a wonderful find! I love Priscilla too — especially the gentle tilt of her neck and her whimsical “eyelashes.” Great post!

    • I love her facial expression as well. That face was why we decided she was a nice friendly dragon–only fierce is threatened.

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  8. […] I-5, I was able to see Priscilla, Dragon Queen of the Sierras.  I’ve shared about her and the talented artist who created her before.  On this […]

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