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Anyone who lives in Central California can readily enjoy the fruit and nut orchards that are prevalent in the area.  Driving up and down the area along I-5 or Highway 99, the trees line the road.  Early each year, the white and pink colors seem to stretch for miles.  However, racing down the roadway makes it hard to stop and snap a photo or two.

This year in February 2018, I decided to seek out the Fresno Blossom Trail.  It is a marked route through Fresno County in and about various orchards on local roads, where it is much easier to stop and take a photo.  It would be ideal, if all the trees were in bloom at once.  But, of course, that is not the case.

During my afternoon drive, no orange blossoms were evident, but there was some fruit.

The nut orchards—white blossoms—were the most evident on the day I was out.

But the fruit orchards—pink blossoms—were getting started as well.


All in all, it was a productive and enjoyable afternoon!

Comments on: "Fresno Blossom Trail (February 2018)" (14)

  1. Wow, Patti…great photos! I always enjoy seeing your side-view mirror photos, too. I drove through the area on the way to my daughter’s house and got to see the beautiful blooms. I went back a few days later (after a rain storm) and many of them had fallen off. Again…great photos.

  2. THIS IS INCREDIBLE! And your photos are breathtakingly gorgeous. Thank you so much for letting us tag along on this drive, Patti.

  3. Gorgeous photos, Patti! Your wonderful posts always want me to hop in the car and go out searching for the beauty of nature like you do. Thank you for sharing these magnificent photos with us.

  4. Char Myers said:

    Your awesome photos make me homesick. Denver offers sweet smelling Lilacs but the only almonds & oranges sit on food market shelves free of the beauty from the trees.

    • Each area has its own beauty but I do like seeing the blossoms on the trees and in the fields. But lilacs–those are the best!

  5. Amazing blooms beautifully captured. Great that they’ve done a route for all to enjoy at a more leisurely pace

    • I agree. I just kicked myself for not paying attention that it was there every spring–and I simply did not take advantage of it.

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