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In early May, I made a short trip to Las Vegas, Nevada, to help my sister Barbara celebrate her birthday.  No, we did not spend time at the casinos or even downtown at the strip.  I just do not like the noise and crowds.  We are much more apt to visit Red Rock Canyon or Valley of Fire State Park.

On this trip, we took a nice afternoon stroll through a wonderful little park named after Floyd Lamb.  The Floyd Lamb Park is in town, just down the street, actually.  The park is centered on Tule Springs, a series of small lakes, and covers over 2,000 acres.  There are ponds, campsites, picnic areas, hiking trails and even horseback trails all circled by distant mountains.  Barbara walks there often.

On this visit I was able to join her as we strolled around Floyd Lamb Park.  The minimal rain of the morning diminished by the time we arrived in the afternoon.  We only walked around the main pond, about a mile.  But we saw lots of geese, a few boat tail grackles, a couple flowers, and even some really cute little bunnies.  It was a delightful afternoon.

The scenery was gorgeous!

My favorite was feeding the bunnies!  At one time, I counted 22 running forward to get some carrots.

This Canada Goose stalked us a bit, rather miffed that we only brought carrots for the rabbits.  Next time, we better bring some bread for the geese as well.

A SIDE NOTE:  I have bad knees and thus have not been able to take even a short walk through a park in a long time. But I have purchased myself a travel scooter that allows me to “stroll” through gardens and museums, etc. The little scooter is great as it comes apart into four basic pieces that I can stow in the trunk.  I’m looking forward to visiting more and more parks in the future.  My great little scooter is from Spin Life.



Comments on: "Floyd Lamb Park, Las Vegas" (10)

  1. barbara said:

    I enjoyed your visit and it was so nice to share my favorite walking place with you.

  2. I always enjoy visiting you! And the park is terrific!

  3. Thanks for the park recommendation. I don’t go to Vegas often, but am not a fan of gambling. I’d much rather take a walk through this delightful looking park. Loved the animal photos.

    • You will love this park–and there are miles of trails, not just the mile around the one pond. I loved the bunnies–I am not used to seeing them at the other parks I visit. Such fun!

  4. Deborah the Closet Monster said:

    I was recently in Las Vegas for a conference. I spent an hour playing slots, but it was just way too much stimulus. I much preferred my early morning time looking up into the mountains while the world was quiet. I’d have enjoyed this!

    • Like you, I might spend a little time and money on slots, but it never seems like that much fun to me. My sister’s balcony gives her a great view of the mountains that surround the city. It is (surprisingly) a city with a fair number of parks to visit both in the city and in the area. Valley of Fire is about a 2-hour drive, but worth the effort.

  5. What a pleasure it was to tag along with you and your sister on this lovely visit! And thank you for the insider’s advice about the geese. I’ll keep them in mind if ever I do visit. 😉

    • I am so glad that I can now take such walks in this and other parks. If you visit, you will love the bunnies and the geese. Very fun! Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Cheers to your love for nature … and I’m seeing more green than I imagined in that area!

    • I am surprised by the number of parks available in Las Vegas–but they are all over! And in the local area are two great desert areas. If you are lucky, in Red Rock Canyon, you can sometimes see some wild mustangs and wild burros.

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