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Maybe the plentiful rains. Maybe I’m just being more attentive.  I am not sure why the blooms have been so vibrant this spring, but they have been glorious. I have taken some treks this spring to look for wildflowers, but some of the most impressive flowers have been around town.  No matter where I go, neighbors’ yards and landscaping displays alongside freeways, by restaurants and hotels and even in shopping malls are bright and brilliant with flowers.

I also love the new growth greens that are so very evident in the spring.  Green continues to be my favorite color.

Most of the flowers shared here are from around town, near my apartment in Bakersfield, CA.  But the Bird of Paradise and Calla Lilies were in bloom near a restaurant in Valencia, and the Pansies and Red Yucca were near my hotel in Las Vegas.

A great blogger I follow recently shared some wonderful photos of dogwood blossoms in Yosemite National Park.

Where have you been finding spring blossoms this year?

Comments on: "SEARCHING FOR SPRING, PART 8: Blooms Around Town" (13)

  1. I agree with you about the flowers this year. I’ve noticed that we have a bumper crop of madia throughout our county and right in our yard a well. Thanks for the shout out. 🙂

  2. What a gorgeous plethora of colors you’ve captured! I’m going to bookmark this post for the middle of the winter, when I’m looking for reasons to go on living. 🙂

    • Thanks–and thanks for stopping by. Winter will be a bigger than usual contrast this year! When I wish I could travel further than my car can take me, I love browsing your blog to visit such great places as Paris.

      • As much as I despise cold, I do think I’d miss the contrast of the seasons if I left Minnesota, Patti — doesn’t the contrast make the spring-green grass and flowers all the more precious? And thank you for your kind words about my blog. My husband and I are acutely aware that someday (soon) we may not be able to travel as ambitiously as we do today, so we’re soaking up every experience as much as we can. I’m so glad and honored you enjoy tagging along vicariously!

      • Oh you are so right about the contrasts making the good/bright/colorful even more beautiful–and the beauty of winter even better too. You and your husband better keep traveling, so I can tag along!

  3. Green remains my favorite color, too, as well reflected by the “aaaaaah” in my heart when I looked at your green shots.

  4. You did well finding spring! Hi Patti … hope all is well. I’m trying to get myself back to visiting before I return to posting.

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