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“Never yet was there a springtime, when a bud forgot to bloom.”  Margaret Elizabeth Sangster

This whole year has suggested a terrific spring was on the way.  In California, the rains were plentiful for a change, and periodic unseasonably warm weather was erupting several days at a time.  Flowers everywhere were starting to bloom, early in fact.  The camellia bushes outside my front door produced quite a few blooms.

Starting in March, I took little trips to find the evidence of spring that was all around.  But the flowers around my apartment complex are some of my favorites.

Splotches of color were also evident in various towns I was driving through with lots of green along the way as well.

The fields were mainly green this early in the month—but that too is a good sign for a wondrous display in the weeks to come.


My initial visits to Red Rock Canyon State Park and the California Poppy Preserve did not uncover extensive wildflowers, but there was promise of more to come in the occasional Joshua Tree that was starting to bloom and the isolated patches of poppies that were starting to pop up.

Of course, a drive through the Kern River Canyon (Highway 178) is always delightful! This year the rushing river really caught my attention.

Over the next several weeks, I took several treks into the hills, finding some glorious wildflowers.  I will share photos from those visits in the next several posts.  Where have you been finding flowers in bloom this season?

Comments on: "SEARCHING FOR SPRING—PART 1: Hopeful Promise" (16)

  1. Pretty flowers. I spent Saturday with my kids in the Merced River Canyon. There were many varieties of windflowers there. Going back on Wednesday to see more.

  2. barbara said:

    Hills covered in blooms, how lucky can you be? Beautiful. Glad you made the time to go see them .

  3. Lisa Schwerdt said:

    Are you ok? No pix with a side view mirror! What is the one that looks like it is bisected with plexiglass? (little ADT sign in lower left corner)

    • Yeah, I am fine! None of these were from full days out somewhere–on those trips I do usually get my side mirror in several shots. That photo you reference is an odd little corner I saw near an apartment complex. It is a little rock retaining wall with some cactus and ground cover flowers. There were some supports like that plexiglas piece holding everything together. That one was taken through a dirty window as well. The next parts of this little searching for spring series will probably have my mirror in at least one or two shots! Hope all is well by you.

  4. wonderful photos

  5. The flowers are beautiful!

  6. I’ve never seen California with so much green. A beautiful collection and quite the variety … as well as a beautiful drive.

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