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The Miracle of Nature: Christmas Gift 2016

Merry Christmas!

Part of Christmas is the giving of gifts.  One of the best gifts I could share is a reminder to enjoy and appreciate Nature as often as you can.  You can feed the birds in your garden or take a walk in the park.  You can hike a local canyon or plan a visit to a national park.  You can play with your pets or give a friend a bouquet of flowers.  How you interact with Nature is not the point.  The very act of embracing Nature can remind you of the wonder and hope of the season, of the miracle of life and rebirth evident in our natural world.

This time of year–with the hectic craziness that can take over the holidays–slowing down to find the spiritual connection available through Nature is especially important.  Of course, given visiting relatives and long drives and big meals and cold, cold, cold weather, it is not the easiest time to take that hike or stroll through the park.  Therefore, my gift to you is the following slide show that shares some of the beauty and wonder of Nature through photographs and quotes.

Along with this slide show, I wish you peace, joy and a great new year.  Perhaps a new year’s resolution could include making time for Nature as often as possible in your busy life.  Enjoy!


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