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Under Umbrellas

I love prepositions in general.  When I was in the classroom teaching English, the students always had fun coming up with extreme examples, once I set them loose with my proviso:  prepositions simply explain where Tweety Bird runs trying to get away from Sylvester the Cat. Or Rocky flies to allude Boris and Natasha.  Or The Joker hides to escape Batman.  You get the idea.  Of course, that could be anywhere:  over the rainbow, into the cage, beyond the horizon, beside the dog, up up and away, and under the bridge are just a few options.

Under LYNX UNDER LEDGEFor me, UNDER has always been an especially lively preposition.  My favorite, I guess.  Cats—wild and domesticated—find refuge UNDER a rock formation or UNDER a table.

Under CAT


Under PRAIRIE DOG UTAHSome animals live UNDER the ground or UNDER the water, but pop UP to visit.


Some look UNDER water for lunch.


If you are so inclined, you could hike UNDER arches and natural bridges, such as Angel Arch (Canyonlands National Park, Utah) or Rainbow Bridge (Lake Powell, Utah).

angel 3

UNDER rainbow bridge

At Christmas, my dog’s favorite place was sleeping UNDER the Christmas Tree, waiting for Santa and hoping Grandma might drop some of the candy she hid UNDER the Christmas tree skirt.


Under UMBRELLA 1Under UMBRELLA 2Of course, one of the best views is being UNDER an UMBRELLA.  My favorite Umbrellas were displayed by Christo as an art exhibit along I-5 UP the middle of California.  Christo placed yellow umbrellas in California and blue umbrellas in Japan, creating a temporary international art exhibit back in October 1991.  The umbrellas were on display for several weeks—a piece of art you had to experience at the time because it would not last.  To learn more about the Christo’s Umbrellas, you can view my earlier posts:  Christo’s Umbrellas: A Look Back and Christo’s Umbrellas: The Japanese Route.

umbrella and fauna

This post is my response to Sunday Stills, The Next Challenge: The Letter “U.”  To see the other responses, visit here.

Comments on: "Under Umbrellas" (9)

  1. The shot of the lynx underneath the rocky overhang is really eye-catching!

  2. Charming, thought-provoking post. Thank you, Patti.

    • Thanks. I do not always accept the “challenges” that surface from other blogs, but this one made me think of the Christo Umbrellas. That was a great art exhibit!

  3. I really like your idea of teaching or practicing prepositions. I will have to try that sometime.
    It’s always better to be under an umbrella than to be under the weather. 🙂

  4. I remember your post about the umbrellas. Meanwhile, I like your view of “under” in this post!

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