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Net Neutrality is a new topic bubbling up through social media that needs our attention.  This monologue by John Oliver on his HBO Show Last Week Tonight explains the issue, generates some laughs, and gives a plan of action we can each participate in.  This video is worth a look!

As John Oliver suggests, send your comments on this matter to the Federal Communications Commission, as the FCC has requested.  The FCC has opened a 120-day window for public comment.  Please take action!  You can leave your comments at FCC.GOV/COMMENTS.  The link worked when I set it up; however, when I clicked on the next link to actually leave a comment, the connection broke down.  I am not usually paranoid, but I am getting very suspicious.

Let me know if you have luck making a comment!

Please, this is not really a funny matter.



Comments on: "Net Neutrality: Real, Funny, Scary" (1)

  1. I meant to give a disclaimer in the post alerting readers that there are some bad words used in this post, like f*ck. But in reality, such language is not the most obscene part of this topic.

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