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The Wonder of Orange

I love orange.  Especially how it is displayed throughout nature in all its rustic splendor. 

IMG_3339From giant redwoods in Sequoia National Park to the red sand of Monument Valley and red rocks of Zion National Park,

Monument Valley

Monument Valley

Zion National Park

Zion National Park


desert sunriseFrom sunsets to autumn leaves basking in the sunshine,

leaves in sunshine


tiger up closeFrom the bold color of a tiger to the subdued hue of Monarchs resting from a long flight,

monarch clump 2

Orange suggests warmth and interconnections and thereby champions the wonder of life itself.

cactus in bloomBut my favorite representations of the delightful warmth and variety of orange can be seen in a wide array of flowers.

mexican hat

moth on flower 1

orange center

poppy field


rose with dew


tiger llilies

wild lily

wildflower spring

IMG_3414The only real problem I can see with orange is that nothing rhymes with it.  Oh well.  I even have a playful orange elephant gracing a shelf in my house and a batik  artwork hanging on the wall that paints the sky orange.  Oh, I do love orange!  In fact, I wrote about orange before in The Hue of You Challenge.


This entry is for A Word-a-Week Photograph Challenge:  Orange.  Check out the link.  It’s amazing to see what others have posted!


Comments on: "The Wonder of Orange" (9)

  1. Excellent views of the variety that orange in our life … but without rhyming words, I can’t write a limerick with orange. Meanwhile, two other oranges in my life are two sports teams: one in Cincinnati and the other my undergraduate college.

  2. Apart from autumn leaves, I’ve never been much of a orange fan. I think a 1970s childhood spent sitting on bright orange vinyl kitchen chairs might have something to do with it. Your lovely post might just have me reconsidering my orange aversion, although I won’t be decorating with it any time soon!

    • Well, I tend to agree that orange vinyl would not be ideal! And that fluorescent orange of things like danger cones are just horrible! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Orange is not a color that I like EXCEPT in nature. Like you’ve stated and shown through photos, orange can be beautiful.

    • Anything is better in Nature! I agree that orange can at times be overwhelming, so it is better as accents. Thanks for stopping by.

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  5. […] shared my views on the color orange before.  This post is my response to the Daily Challenge: Orange—click here to see the other responses […]

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