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Most of the time when I travel by car, especially if I am by myself, I like to sing along with the oldies.  During my two-hour trek to Los Angeles area from Bakersfield, I usually listen to KRTH—a classic oldies radio station from my childhood.  But for hour after hour after hour, singing-along can get a bit old.  So on longer trips, there are some games to play, of course.  Like license plate bingo.  Or I-Spy.

One of my favorite games is a word-play game that can be played by yourself, even though it is more fun with others.  It is hard to describe this game, but I guess its name is “This Not That.”

Those who know the rules, make statements such as “This game is silly but not quirky.”  Others need to figure out what dictates what phrases will work as part of the game, and what phrases do not.  Eventually, as more and more people catch-on, people are shouting phrases.  The ones who are still not getting it, often get frustrated, but when they finally catch on, it feels like quite an accomplishment.  When I first played this game, it felt like it took forever for me to figure out the pattern.

But now, even when driving by myself, this little game entertains me as I determine appropriate phrases in response to what I am seeing and experiencing. Let me get you started.  See if you can come up with a phrase that works!  In fact, seeing the phrases not just hearing them, might make it easier to uncover the rule you need to follow in determining your own phrases.

The road is steep but not windy.

I love green and yellow but not brown or blue.

Jelly is great on toast but not jam.

I like beef but not hamburger.

The best clothes are made from cotton or wool, not silk or cashmere.

I love puppies but not dogs.

It is okay to weep at the movies, just don’t cry.

I like books but not movies.

I like it chilly to sleep but not cold.

She’s a good buddy but not a nice friend.

So, play along!  Leave some phrases in the comments section, and I will let you know if you “got it.”  I hope you have fun.  I like this game!  Hope you do too.

Comments on: "A Nice Little Word Game: Wanna Play?" (2)

  1. Hmmm. Can’t figure out the rules.

  2. Well, here’s a hint: Look at how the words are spelled, not anything to do with the meaning. Once you figure it out, things will seem SWEET not SUGARY.

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