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So, Where Are You From?

Most people, if asked if they are prejudiced, will state absolutely and emphatically, “No!”  However, most of us make broad assumptions and frequently jump to conclusions.  Our habits and actions often say we may indeed be prejudiced or at least unaware and insulting in our interactions with others, especially those who are different from us.

I love the following comedy video that a friend posted on Facebook, because it shows how absurd some assumptions can be. Plus it is good for a laugh!  I have met the guy in this video too many times.  But I do love the woman and will try to remember to emulate her answer as needed out in the world.  Every little push towards awareness and understanding is a good thing!  So I applaud this little comedic play!

I hope you enjoy the video!

The actors sharing some of the comments generated by this video is pretty fun too.  Watch for a link to that video at the end of the above video.  Or go there via this link:  Comments

So, where are you from?  Me?  I’m from Chicago initially and now live in Bakersfield.  My family roots include Irish, Danish, Scottish, English, Norwegian, and German.


Comments on: "So, Where Are You From?" (9)

  1. An English professor shared this with our staff last year. I still remember it.

  2. First time seeing it for me, love it! …. and her statements were spot on and funny!

    As for me, I’m American of Italian descent on both sides of my family …. thus second generation here on my dad’s side, … first here on my mom’s … and I was born in Italy.

    • I am glad you liked it! I remember your blogs on your trip to Italy! Ties elsewhere, born in USA–sounds familiar to most of us! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. So funny…so true 🙂 Let’s see. Born in upstate NY, moved to Massachusetts where I still live
    English, Canadian French, Irish, German, and a smidgen of Native American

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