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Just Get Busy!

Well, it has officially been Spring for 10 days now, even if some areas are still feeling the cold of winter.  In Bakersfield, California, bees are enjoying the new flowers on all the bushes and trees.  I even saw a lady bug the other day.  We had a bit of rain last night, which is greatly needed, but today is sunny once again.

Even with the joy of spring weather to cheer me on, I am still rather lethargic.  I should be gearing up for travels, heck even just spring cleaning.  But I am still mired in some legal matters that are draining.  But the probate lawyer I hired is clarifying the legal demands I need to meet and will be taking over communicating with others about the matter.  So I am telling myself to “Stop It!”  To just get back on track with a fun, productive, beautiful spring.

If you too, have been in the doldrums for whatever reason, just get busy.  If you have not gotten busy on some project or another, just get busy.  If you still have to master those resolutions made a few months ago or if you tried them and have told yourself you have failed, when in reality you just need to start over again, just get busy.  Me?  I am going to start enjoying spring.  I am even taking a trek into Nature over the next several days.

I hope you will have a happy, productive, glorious spring!  Just get busy!

If you need a bit of encouragement, here’s some wise advice from Bob Newhart:


DISCLAIMER:  In no way is my posting of this video to be seen as a comment on psychology or even psychologists or psychiatrists.  Heck, some of my best friends are shrinks!  ; )

Comments on: "Just Get Busy!" (2)

  1. After a horrendous winter, yesterday was a beautiful day … so I took advantage of it by getting away from my latest routine… and thanks for Newhart!

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