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Impressive Nikolaj Arndt

I am so impressed with the art work of Nikolaj Arndt.  I predict you will be too.


This incredible artist was born in Russia in 1975.  He moved to Germany in 2006 and three years later was producing his phenomenal 3D street art at various art festivals.  He is also an art teacher and consultant.

This talented young man is not even 40 yet!  I first saw his work via a friend’s email and was blown away.  My only complaint is that thus far I have not seen evidence that he has produced an artistic rendering of an elephant.  (I just really like elephants!)

Here are the rest of the images that first showed me his remarkable ability–that’s him with the alligators, shark, and pandas:



Boy Walking Over Bridge




Killer Whale



Shark with Diver


It seems almost impossible that these artistic 3D images are really painted on flat surfaces, but this little video shows him in action producing a shark emerging from a sidewalk.  He makes it all look so easy.  I guess that is one of the characteristics of true genius, no matter what the field: When they produce their work, it looks so effortless.

You can contact Nokolaj Arndt directly on his website as well as see more of his work.  Another website shows 20 of his images—several are different than the ones I posted here.

Enjoy.  You will be amazed!

Comments on: "Impressive Nikolaj Arndt" (21)

  1. Simply very impressive … and thank you!

  2. Barbara Yong said:

    WOW This guy is amazing. Thanks for the link to his site.

  3. Wow, is that remarkable…so 3-D! Will enjoy exploring his website. Thanks!

  4. What wonderful works of art! So accessible. Thank you for bringing him to our attention, Patti. I shall look him up.

  5. Amazing, stunning… 🙂

  6. Very cool – hadn’t seen so many of his works before. Thanks

  7. Pretty Cool! I’ve seen some of his work before (on the internet) and it’s all so amazing.

    • Thanks for stopping by. His work is impressive. I showed them to my dad yesterday, and it took some convincing for him to believe they were drawn on a flat surface.

  8. Oh, wow! That is impressive art. Brilliant artist indeed!

  9. Incroyable, j’ai jamais un tel travail

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