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Topic M: Being a Mom


Mom & Dad with All Five Girls, 1955

Mom & Dad with All Five Girls, 1955

As Erma Bombeck explains in her 1974 column “When God Created Mothers,” mothers have many special features that help them care and comfort their kids no matter what.  I saw those traits in action in my own mother, who I love, miss and have written about several times.  I also observe many friends as they interact with their kids who need different things from their moms as they move from childhood to adulthood.  A recent tweet shared in the news was a mother saying in exasperation something like the following:  “My three-year-old either needs a nap or an exorcism.”  It is obvious to me that you need lots of patience and a good sense of humor in order to be a good mom.

Of course, since I am not a mother myself, I know I can never truly understand what it means to be a mom.  But I can still recognize that the following video does a great job presenting an accurate presentation of a typical day for a typical mom.  Whether you are a mom or not, I think you will enjoy “The Mom Song Sung to the William Tell Overture” by Anita Renfroe. [If the video does not play for you, here is a link as well that might help. The link I have works for me when I go directly to it, but not through this website–hope it plays for you.  Here’s a version with just the lyrics.]

Of course, the kids would have their own answer to the mom singing above, hence “The Child’s Song”:

What about the dads?  This last video starts with feedback a typical dad would say called “Dadsense.”  [The rest of the video is a hoot too!]

What do you think?  Did these videos have a ring of truth?  What are the favorite things about your Mom or your Kids that you love and hate at the same time that could go in your own video? For me, I am going to go put on a sweater before I look at some old photographs—I’m sure Mom would be cold if she were here. If your Mom is still around to drive you crazy sometimes, give her a hug.  And tell her you love her.  No reason, just because, because, because.

Comments on: "Topic M: Being a Mom" (7)

  1. Jean Albert said:

    Patti,  I hear your heart talking.  It is so hard to miss someone you love.  She was a special lady and a very special mom.      luv,aj


  2. Videos like leaves are a combination of humor, tributes, and thanks.

  3. I love the videos by Anita Renfroe. I had never heard of her before. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Oh so funny! I’m not a Mom unless you count furry 4 legged children but I’ve heard these expressions many times. So true..Fun!

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