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I have always seen myself as patriotic.  Even back when I protested about the Vietnam War, I labeled myself patriotic.  I cry when I hear the national anthem.  I cringe when I see flags on display that are worn and tattered.  I support our troops, no matter what I think about the war.  I believe in Mom, Apple Pie and the American Dream.  I love what are touted as American Ideals of being honest, hard working, persistent.  I also eat lots of fast food, watch way too much TV, and spend more than I should—gotta love those credit cards!  I speak only English; oh sure, I know a little Spanish but that’s almost by accident.  There is no way I could be deemed bilingual.

Doesn’t all that prove I am truly American?  Until today I would’ve thought so.  Brace yourself:  I am not watching the Super Bowl!  The other day on one of those silly entertainment news shows (now there’s an oxymoron!) one of the hosts was aghast at someone not watching the Super Bowl, not even to see the half-time show and the commercials.  She really thought the person was a big fat liar:  “How could you not watch the Super Bowl?”

At that point, I worried that maybe I was not as patriotic as I thought.  After all, here are some things I must admit to:

  • I do not watch Jersey Shore or other so-called reality shows, except accidentally.
  • That includes the fact that I do not watch American Idol or So You Think I Can Dance, which further  includes—of course—not phoning in votes.
  • I have a cell phone, but I do not text or download apps, nor do I tweet.
  • I do not play “Angry Birds” or “Words with Friends.”
  • I do not own a iPhone, iPad, or anything like an X-box.  I do not even have a DVR.
  • I do not automatically believe what I hear on the news, especially Fox News.
  • As I have already said, I am not watching the Super Bowl; instead I am blogging, reading, even writing some bills and thinking about cooking.

Do you see what I mean?  If I keep this list going, I could pretty quickly label myself as definitely not a stereotypical American.  But then, I guess that is not the same as being unpatriotic, is it?  So I ask you, are you patriotic?  What do you do that demonstrates that? Or, if not watching the Super Bowl today, what are you doing?

Comments on: "Not Watching the Super Bowl?" (16)

  1. Well, I was at work. I like football, but not so much that it would interfere with anything else I might want to do. Plus I don’t get reception where I live, so I have to go out of the way to see something I like. Not having 962 channels seems pretty non-American 🙂 .

    But really, I think “typical” American and “patriotic” American are two different things. To be perfectly honest, I don’t think the typical American is particularly patriotic.

    • I agree that being patriotic is not something that is typical these days, chauvanistic about America maybe but not patriotic. But you take the cake, not having the cable channels. I have TV on as background all the time, so would go bonkers without channels–although I do not watch most that I have. So many sports channels boggles my mind.

      • I do watch a lot of movies, though! And I buy box sets for the shows I really like and end up watching those over and over. I mostly need the noise or movement on the screen, like you. When I work on the computer, I put something on out of habit, but then mute it the whole time. If I’m doing other things around the house, I need some noise. In my car, I need the quiet, though, haha.

      • We do sound very similar in our viewing habits. I rarely just sit to watch a movie or show–it is almost always background to whatever else I am really doing. I did, however, watch The Help the other day; the book is better but the film is good and the acting is great. I do feel old when I realize that the main antagonist (Hilly) is played by Ron Howard’s dauaghter. Little Opie and then Richie Cunningham cannot be so old as to have an adult daugher–how old does that make me?!

  2. I watched the game as it serves as a gathering moment for the neighborhood … so there is an intent of fellowship – especially during the winter months. Interestingly though, I’m right with you on most of your bullets!

    If I would have been at home, I would have watched the game, but with my laptop on to read blogs. BTW – and it’s ok not to watch the game!

    • Oh, I fully see the fun of a community event around the games. When in college, that is why I ever attended games, the fun, the crowd. But watching while doing other things makes the most sense–oh, the joys of multi-tasking. Thanks for stopping by, sorry your comment got lost for a bit in cyberspace!

  3. Oh I’m so glad there’s another American who doesn’t watch Fox news. I hate being yelled at.

    • Yeah. Fox News drives me crazy. When I check the facts with those sites that allow factcheck, etc. so many many items do not stand up as true or accurate. And the commentators (vs. news casters?) get on their tirades, I just cringe. I rarely put that channel on any more.

  4. I was at work but the game was on (muted) the big screen TV on the wall. I was only interested in who won because if the Pats won the office would get to wear blue jeans for a week. Like you I feel I am Patriotic. I visited the Naval Academy and when I saw all those young men in uniform I though my heart would burst! I love our Flag and I only speak english too. I respect our holidays , 4th of July, Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day even if I do enjoy a barbeque or two. What’s more American than a hot dog and red white and blue cupcake? 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by. I had not thought about baseball, but that game is pegged as all-american. It is less violent than football, more skill and strategy from my limited view than the brute force that seems such a part of football. So, I agree baseball is better!

      • Oops. I attached comments on baseball to your response, when you were applauding barbecue and observing holidays. Those are two American pastimes I can fully support. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. I only saw the last 10 minutes of the game. I’m not a football fan, and don’t think missing the Superbowl makes me any less patriotic. I do think baseball is the quintessential American sport, though. There’s something about the rhythm of a baseball game, eating a hotdog or peanuts, drinking a beer, relaxing with friends . . .

    • Oops. I posted my response to your baseball note to another post. 10 minutes of football is more than enough! And baseball is great. Thanks for stopping by.

  6. I didn’t watch the Super Bowl either except for looking up a few times from my laptop to see the score. I would have watched it if the Green Bay Packers had been playing. 🙂

  7. I definitely don’t believe everything I hear on the news, and I don’t even watch Fox News because they are so blatantly biased. I vote. That’s patriotic.

    • Voting is very patriotic. I bet you even study up on the issue before voting, that may not be typical but it is patriotic. Thanks for stopping by.

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