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It has been a hot summer, to say the least.  I am surprised the country is not melting away given the record highs reported throughout the country.  To beat the heat, I tend to stay indoors and enjoy my central air.  But I realize that is not an option for everyone—and it really is not that fun.  Some more fun options to help keep cool include:

Going to the beach, running through the waves.

Sitting out at night to catch a cool evening breeze.

Enjoying a cold beverage, whether that is a beer or lemonade—it needs to be ice cold, sometimes even ice added!

Go swimming, does not really matter the size of the pool, even a wading pool can work!

A long time favorite, of course, is running through the sprinklers—as this video shows, it applies to all things of nature!  [You’re gonna love this video, even though it is 3 years old!]


What are some things you do to keep cool?

Comments on: "Keeping Cool! (Includes Moose Video)" (6)

  1. Wonderful video and sound!
    As I type, Houston has a thunderstorm passing through. My husband will be on the phone at a decent hour…later in the morning…to see if the farm got any rain!!!

  2. That’s very cute!

    I’m like you, staying indoors mostly. But it isn’t that much fun, is it? It looks so inviting outdoors and then you step outside and you’re hit by a blast of furnace air. Oh, well…Fall is just around the corner. Soon enough I’ll be saying, “It’s too cold outside!”

  3. Great video! Makes me want to get out and play in the sprinklers! Those baby moose know how to stay cool and have fun. Your list of suggestions for cooling off is a good one. I also enjoy a dish of frozen yogurt on a hot day, especially if topped with fresh fruit. Having a “video party,” with loved ones or even by yourself can make staying indoors fun on those hot, hot days. Gives you a chance to watch new movies or revisit the ones you love but haven’t watched for a while.

  4. That is the cutest moose video! I guess they are keeping cool. 🙂

  5. Haha, too perfect! Your post itself helped me cool off. Running through sprinklers sounds like a good idea. I don’t care how old I am 🙂

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